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Women Making Games (WOMG) is a group of women in the UK that - you guessed it - make video games! We come together for advice and support on a regular basis.

We are here for ALL women in the game industry, or women aspiring to join the industry. Our mission is to help women know their worth, and support them in building successful, long-lasting careers in games. 

If you want to know more, get in touch with us at our contact page!




Sally has spent almost 10 years in the game industry and is CEO of Silent Games & founder of Women Making Games North East. She is passionate about supporting women and other marginalised developers in the industry and has won multiple awards for her work. Sally is very active on Twitter, and among all the pictures of her pet sheep Martha, you might find some helpful advice about working in the game industry, check it out here! 



Lucy is an accomplished freelance artist whose work over the past 8 years has helped bring more than 20 games to life. She is also an advocate for improving the games industry through her work as both a Women in Games & STEM Ambassador & BAFTA member. While under lots of NDAs, you can still see new work regularly on her website. 


The Loud One

Stevie Ward is a games industry community veteran who helped pioneer games content streaming in 2007 with EVETV. She has worked with AAA companies CCP Games, Activision, and Multiplay on EVE Online, Guitar Hero Live, Insomnia Gaming Festival and the launch title for the Oculus Rift, EVE: Valkyrie. She is a 6 year ambassador for SpecialEffect and an advocate for equality and diversity in the industry. She also likes spaceships...



Selina is a 3D artist and Teesside University alumni. Representation of minorities and women within the games industry is something she very passionate about. Her love of video games spans across many wildly different genres from the Sims series to Call of Duty. She also likes to dabble in the technical side of 3D art creating tools and shaders in her spare time, so always keep on eye on what she's working on!

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