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Eat, Draw, Game

Hello amazing WOMGNE Members! Now everyone is back from our winter hibernation and recovered from our EPIC Holiday party with POCinPlay and LITNE, sponsored by the fantastic CCP. we are working hard to bring you some awesome events for late winter/spring. Our upcoming offerings include:

Brunch: Sat, 22 Feb

That's right, weekend brunch is back. Bag yourself a bagel, catch yourself a coffee and kick back and relax! LINK

Art: Thu, 27 Feb

Our drawing sessions have proved to be really popular, so why not come to our taster session on 27th Feb, it doesn't matter if you're an expert artist or a debuting doodler, come hang out, draw your darndest and enjoy the casual setting. (Bring your own pencils). Signups via facebook!

Board Games: Thu, 16 Apr

Soon to become a staple of the WOMGNE calendar, our board games sessions are fun, relaxed and great for a Thursday night. Get ready to roll some dice! LINK

Want to know more? Check out our events page and RSVP to reserve your spots!

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