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North East Ladies shortlisted for Women in Games awards!

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

It's that time of year again when MCV kick off their Women in Games shortlist, to recognise contributions from amazingly talented women in the game industry.

This year, three of our WOMGNE members were shortlisted for awards! North East represent! :D Congratulations to you all!

Sally Blake - Senior Producer @ Hammerhead, Founder of WOMGNE

Shortlisted for Mentor of the Year

"I'm so chuffed to have been shortlisted as MCV's Mentor of the Year 2019 - starting WOMGNE has been an absolute pleasure and I'm so thankful that people took the time to nominate me! Had an awesome year running Girls Make Games workshops, mentoring with The Girl's Network and North East Futures UTC. I'm really proud of our representation here in the North East and being surrounded and supported by so many talented women."

Lara Coulson - Game Designer @ Ubisoft Reflections, Member of WOMGNE

Shortlisted for Rising Star of the Year

"I’m honoured to have been nominated for the Rising Star Development award. All of my work has been the result of an amazing, supportive team and it’s thanks to them we have been able to achieve so much for The Division 2. I’m looking forward to attending the awards event and meeting all of the incredible nominees."

Lauren Frazer - Level Designer @ Ubisoft Reflections, Member of WOMGNE

Shortlisted for Creative Impact

"I'm very thankful to have been shortlisted for this award, and grateful to all those who have supported me. I'm honoured to be included in a list of such inspirational women; thank you all for making the games industry a fantastic place to work."


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