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Top Games of All Time

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

We all have a game that flood us with nostalgia, fills us with inspiration or a game that we think is just plain awesome. If you're looking for something to play, why not check out our local developers top picks?

Sarah Wilson

Junior Producer - Coatsink

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

This probably the video game that really got me into playing games and I'll always be so grateful for that fact alone. I loved that the decisions you made actually felt like they had consequences, and there was so much reliability because of that! It was so different to anything else I'd played and was such a great combination of dark, funny, and challenging that I always find myself coming back to it even after all these years.

Marcella Holmes

Junior VFX Artist - Hammerhead

The Void (Tension/Turgor)

A dark, baroque, twisted world inhabited by exquisite characters in surreal landscapes coupled with unusual mechanics and overworld map make The Void my favourite video game. This game has resonated deeply with me via it's themes of mortality and altruism. From the offset it appears to be a game about death, but as one progresses it becomes apparent that it's about the preservation of life instead. This game is almost an interactive visual essay on social relationship dynamics, patriarchy & gender roles and selfishness vs selflessness. I was astonished when I first played this game in 2013 and have closely followed the studio who made it (Ice Pick Lodge). I'd give it a score of 100 out of 10 if I could - an underrated gem.

Alrissa Sia

Freelance Illustrator

Disney's Hercules PS1

My first memory of playing a video game was when I used to visit my cousin who had a PS1. It amazed me that I could move Hercules around and that it's just like the film, but in an entirely different experience. It was the start of my interest in video games and possibly one of the reasons why I pursued art as a career.

Stevie Ward

Professional Badass - My house

EVE Online

EVE Online is the epitome of Community Development. If you're an EVE Player you either have an MBA or you've literally become one with excel. It also holds an incredible gift of being the type of entity where in game, screwing people over and being diversive can help you progress, and out of game, it's almost compeltley the opposite.
As a previous community manager at CCP, I've been lucky enough to spend lots of time IRL with the heavy hitters in the EVE Community and they are honestly the most wonderful, supportive people I know. The phrase 'enemies in game, buddies in the bar' springs to mind.
EVE Online is made by CCP but it is powered by stories. The wars, the jokes, the events - it's something that is truley unique and develops every year as more war stories, funny moments and WTF betrayals complicate and catalyise the drama in it's single shard universe. Mostly however, the draw of New Eden is the friends you make along the way, the 'internet spaceship captains' who end up through it all, becoming your family. 10/10 do recommend.
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