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WOMG Online Quiz

Hey everyone!

Long time, no see! Hope you're all doing well during this difficult period. It's been a while since we had an event, so we decided to move WOMG online and host our first digital-only event in the form of a video game themed quiz!

Our teams had their gaming knowledge pushed to the limits with 4 rounds; Blast from the Past, Who's that Character, Emoji Challenge and Women of Gaming. Congratulations to our winners, team D11 1.0 from Double Eleven and our runner up who was a solo entry, Marcie! Very impressive!

We hope you all had fun, it was so lovely to see everyone's faces & catch up. Plus we got to sing a wonderfully out of sync Happy Birthday to our fantastic admin Stevie!

Stay tuned for the next online event! If you fancy running something yourself - drop us a line, we'd love to hear your ideas too.

Love from the WOMG Squad!

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