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WOMGNE Launch Event and Gallery

Hi folks, a massive thank you to everyone who attended our launch event on Friday at the wonderful Proto in Gateshead! We were so impressed with the turn out, and were so moved by everyone's support and speeches from Founder Sally Blake and Steve Jelley, Managing Director of Hammerhead. Special thanks to our sponsors HammerheadVR pocketmoneygame and to the incredible GamersApparel all of whom made the event possible.

Thanks to these wonderful sponsors we had cupcakes, decorations, food and drink and thanks to HighTeaFrog, playable cake bash, not to mention an official launch doggo! (Okay, the doggo wasn't sponsored, but it was delightful!)

Preparing for this launch has been a big undertaking for the admin team, and it was received better then we could have ever dreamed. It really has shown us that the North East is a fantastic place to work in Game Development, to be supported by the community and that the future is bright for the studios, indies and contractors who make this hub so exciting and fun to be a part of.

Most of all, we were so happy to be able to shine a light and say hello to the wonderful members of the WOMGNE community, who inspire us every day, see so many of you connecting with each other and begin to make plans for the future of the org. You had tons of amazing ideas, and we can't wait to see you again!

If you want to use the photos, we ask that you let us know if used in any professional capacity (e.g not just your new profile pic) and credit photographer Idene Roozbayani who donated his time to the event, and throw people towards his Instagram: and our twitter page -

Any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to get back to us, and thanks again to everyone who attended the event. We really enjoyed chatting with you all, and have some great ideas for future events.

Hope you had fun!



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